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Club Update May 21

Updated: May 14, 2021

Hi All,

Just wanted to provide a quick update on all things surrounding the club and wider Table Tennis Community.

Table Tennis in general is due to start opening up this month in alignment with government plans. Table Tennis England is continually updating their guidance on what can / can't happen in the Table Tennis Community as part of a roadmap to normalisation (Pre Covid State). The current guidance can be found on tabletennisenglands website here:

What does this all mean?

Table Tennis as a prodominently indoor sport can resume this month (17th May) with restrictions in place to ensure social distancing and safe play. Realistically based on the current guidance, some clubs will start to open up but competition or league formats will largely remain on hold. At the end of June, restrictions will hopefully lift further which will reduce numerous current challenges face by clubs and more competitive table tennis should recommence. Table Tennis England are in fact planning to host a Grand Prix at the end of June in Gloucester which demonstrates a level of confidence that things will open up in alignment with government guidance.

What about Bromley Table Tennis?

Our position at Bromley Table Tennis is at present outside of our control. Until we are provided with feedback from the school that external bookings can recommence, we will remain closed. We don't yet have any indication of when this may be, but will remain in contact with the school over coming months.

Helen Lower is will reopen 1-2-1 coaching from Stourbridge Institute during May. Evening slots at 7pm, 8pm, 9pm are now available to book starting on Tuesday 25th May. Please see bookings section of this site to see availability / book.

Local Leagues (Dudley, Kidderminster, Wolverhampton) all currently remain on hold from their prelockdown position. The various league committees will be arranging meetings in the coming weeks/months to start planning how and when to best restart league table tennis. As each league is independent, the direction and dates for this will likely vary depending on the impact of Covid on different clubs and membership. We will post updates as and when available for each league but there is no imminent plans to restart leagues.

Senior British League (SBL) - The 2019-20 season was cancelled before the final weekend of fixtures were played. 2020-21 season was also cancelled before any fixtures played. The club is planning to apply to enter teams into the forthcoming season which will likely go ahead from September. The club will be making applications to join SBL around June / July this year (league due to commence 9th/10th October).

Junior / Cadet National League - Indications again show that these competitions will take place this year having also been cancelled in 2019/20 and 20/21 season.

What are my best options to play table tennis now?

Although Bromley has no immediate plans to open, we expect some other local clubs and facilities to open from 17th May in alignment with government guidance. Availability will likely be limited based on demand and the need for clubs to maintain social distancing (limited number of people per hall). A number of local leisure centres offer table tennis facilities which are probably the best opportunity to play in the immediate term.

If you are looking to play more competitively, some graded competitions are starting to make their way back onto the table tennis calendar. Specifically Nottingham Sycamore and Hereford Table Tennis are hosting a number of competitions (seniors and veterans) from May 23rd onwards. Further details, calendar and entry can be secured through table tennis englands website: Also as previously mentioned, table tennis england are also planning their grand prix calendar for the year starting with Gloucester in June.

I hope people find this communication useful and informative. If you have any further questions or are looking to make contact with other members at the club, please feel free to contact any of the coaches or drop us a msg through this website or facebook. Stay safe and we hope to see everyone again soon.

Can I still get equipment delivered?

Although the club is closed, we still have access to order equipment at discounted rates from Tees Sport. If you need any equipment, please contact Mark Nicholls.

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